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Talking about UV LED Wavelength and application

Wavelength classification and application fields of ultraviolet light According to the different biological effects, ultraviolet rays are divided into four wavelength bands according to wavelength: long-wave UVA, medium-wave UVB, short-wave UVC, and vacuum UVD. The longer the wavelength, the greater the penetration.   UVA Long wave UVA, with a wavelength ranging from 320 to 400 nanometers, is also known as long wave black spot effect ultraviolet radiation. Has strong penetrating power, able to penetrate glass, even up to 9 feet of water; And it exists throughout the year, regardless of whether it is cloudy or sunny, day or night.   Harm to human body: More than 95% of the ultraviolet rays that daily skin comes into contact with are UVA, so it causes the greatest damage to the skin. UVA can attack the dermis through the epidermis, causing severe damage to collagen and elastin in the skin; Moreover, dermal cells have poor self-protection ability, and a small amount of UVA can cause great harm. Over time, the skin develops problems such as looseness, wrinkles, and the appearance of microvessels.   At the same time, it can also activate tyrosinase, leading to immediate melanin deposition and the formation of new melanin, making the skin black and lacking luster. UVA can cause long-term, chronic, and long-lasting damage, leading to premature aging of the skin, hence it is also known as aging radiation.   Application field: UVA ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 360nm conforms to the phototactic response curve of insects and can be used to make insect traps. UVA ultraviolet rays with wavelengths of 300-420nm can pass through specially colored glass tubes that completely cut off visible light, emitting only near-ultraviolet light centered at 365nm. They can be used for ore identification, stage decoration, currency verification, and other places.  



UV LED curing features and advantages

Company Profile: Shenzhen Yuanming Technology Co., Ltd. Specializes in the production and operation of high-power UV LEDs, Ultra violet curing light source products. The production of high-power UV LED ultra violet encapsulated products have hundreds of category. The power of products range from 0.5W to 10000W. The UV LED ultraviolet encapsulated products manufactured by Shenzhen Yuanming Science and Technology Co., Ltd. have various applications, including printing presses, 3D printing, transfer Printers, Screen Printers, Offset Printers, Coating Machines, Exposure Machines, UV LED Linght Sources, Spray Painting, Coating, Leather curing, Glass, Metal, Furniture, PCB Ink light-curing, as well as in agrciultural planting, fishery, crime investigation, medical, biological, cosmetic and water treatment. Food and other kinds of disinfection and sterilization. Since it’s establishment, relying on strong technical resources, specialized management and perfect supply and marketing channels, adhering to the business philosophy of "pursuing mutual development with customers" and the service tenet of "quality wins customers, honesty wins markets", the company has provided high-quality and efficient UV LED ultraviolet products, application service solution and technical support for customers, thus becoming trusted partners of customers with real value and trust. Shenzhen yuanming co., ltd. sincerely looks forward to your joining in the trading of high-power UV LED ultraviolet light products. Welcome to our company to negotiate business and looking forward to mutual growth and devlopment!   Ultraviolet (UV LED) curing principle: UV light curing system is divided into free radical system and cationic system, and the curing mechanism of different systems is different. Free radicals are mainly generated by light irradiation, which initiates polymerization and crosslinking reaction of monomers and prepolymers to achieve the effect of curing. The cationic system is a process in which the cationic photoinitiator is irradiated to generate a strong protic acid, and addition polymerization occurs to make the resin achieve a curing process.   Characteristics and uses of UV LED products: Widely used in banknote checking , UV detection , manicure , medical treatment , printing , adhesive curing , ink curing , Paint curing , etc . Large area curing , inkjet printing, curing outer coatings of wires and optical fibers , Material Irradiation Catalysis , Biological Experiments and Touch Screen Curing.   Advantages of UV LED Light Source : 1. Uniform , stable , strong illumination , shorten the curing time of products , improve production eficiency . 2. Low thermal radiation , especially suitable for liquid crystal display edge sealing , plastic substrate curing . Thin material printing , medical devices require a small heating area occasionally . 3. Low energy consumption ,10% power consumption of traditional mercury lamp curing machine , can save 90% of the electricity . 4. Reliable , the life of LED can reach more than 20000 hours , reducing the cost of consumption . 5.According to the actual application of customers , the shape and size of the luminous region of the UVLED can be customized according to the needs. 6. Ultraviolet LED light source does not need preheating and does not contain toxic mercury . Secondly , the power dissipation of the UVLED is much lower compared to traditional high - pressure mercury lamps. It takes hundreds even thousands of watts more for mercury lamps to produce the same effects and it needs to be preheated for about ten minutes . The lamp tube of mercury lamps also contains toxic substance "mercury". UV LEDs are safer and more environmental friendly choice over traditional technologies.



What is UV LED light curing system?

What is UV LED light curing system? What are the characteristics of UV light curing? In recent years, UV LED light curing technology has received close attention from the world, and many industrial production fields are gradually choosing UV LED light sources to replace traditional UV mercury lights. The UV LED light curing technology is environmental friendly that realizes the concept of environmental sustainability through use of light emitting diodes. Compared with the traditional UV mercury lamps, it has more higher efficiency and low energy consumption. Following are a few features of UV LED light curing:   1. The characteristics of the UV LED light source are that it belongs to a single-band ultraviolet light, with high luminous efficiency and low energy consumption. The UV LED light source can convert electrical energy into light energy through the led chip, and can emit a single-band ultraviolet light source. 365/385/395/405nm these bands. Compared with the traditional UV mercury lamp, only a small part of the full-band ultraviolet light emitted can actually exert energy efficiency. At the same time, the mercury lamp will generate a large amount of heat energy when it is in use, resulting in a large amount of energy consumption to a large extent;   2. UV LED light curing belongs to a kind of "cold light source", which does not generate infrared band and emits a lot of thermal energy, thereby causing thermal damage to the surface of the substrate. Like some ink printing fields, chip processing, liquid crystal display packaging and other fields, UV LED light sources are basically used for product processing;   3. The UV LED light curing system adopts a unique control panel, which can be used immediately when the power is turned on. It does not need to be preheated in advance like the traditional mercury lamp curing, and there is no need to worry about the regular replacement of consumables due to the life of the lamp like the mercury lamp. . UV LED light curing can instantly light up the lamp beads, and the power (10-100%) can be adjusted at will, which not only saves energy, but also is easy to operate!   4. The maintenance cost of UV LED light source is low. Usually, the use time of a UV LED curing machine is about 25000h, which is 5-8 times that of traditional UV mercury lamp. Due to the life of the lamp beads, almost no maintenance is required, which effectively reduces the cost of equipment maintenance;   5. The UV LED light curing system is mainly divided into UV LED spotlights, UV LED line light source, UV LED surface light source, UV LED curing lamps, UV LED water cooled machine, etc. according to its use environment, and the luminous size and irradiation can be customized according to the actual working conditions Area, the irradiation position is matched with the equipment, no large-scale machinery and pipeline installation are required, it can be adapted to work in a variety of environments, and the work efficiency of the assembly line is improved.   6. As a manufacturer of UV LED curing machines, Yuanming Technology provides a complete set of curing solutions for UV curing problems in various industries. We can provide a variety of conventional models to choose from, and can also customize according to the actual use of customers. Use standard products. If you have any questions about UV LED curing, you can contact Yuanming Technology for consultation and communication. Yuanming Technology will serve you wholeheartedly.   Contact information: Whatsapp: +8613266746340 Bert or +8613554208102 Umi Email: or



UV Light Emitting Diode Technology

UV Light Emitting Diode Technology   Overview At Yuanming, we bring our portfolio of UV light emitting diode technology to life sciences. Whether you are developing a new instrument for protein detection or a system for protecting patients from dangerous infections, Yuanming Technology is the right partner for highly-reliable, efficient and specialized UV light emitting diode technology. Benefits 1) Stability Due to Yuanming’s patented and proprietary design, the output of each array is calibrated and controlled to provide consistent and stable output. 2) Low-temperature Yuanming’s technology uses custom thermal and optical capabilities to minimize temperature transfer from the array to the working surface. Unlike traditional bulb sources that generate heat in excess of 250°C, solutions typically run below 60°C with the majority of heat being handled by the thermal management system and not at the work surface. 3) Instant-On/Off Being able to quickly turn the array on and off leads to more productive operations. LED arrays are similar to a light switch and can be turned on/off at will. In fact, turning the LED on only when needed is a the recommended practice and extends the LED lifetime. 4) There’s no mercury Most legacy systems require double containment to reduce the risk of glass and mercury contamination. Cleaning procedures for failed lamps can stop production lines for hours. Our UV LED systems do not require complicated double containment and contain no mercury. LED and Solid-State Wavelengths Whatever your wavelength, Yuanming has a solid solution. UV Power Power and precision are two of Yuanming’s strengths. UV Stability Yuanming’s light engines and detectors enable near-zero drift.



UV LED System Lifetime

Long LED UV System Lifetime   Solid-state Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) produce light when an electrical current flows from the positive (anode) side to the negative (cathode) side. Like other solid-state devices, LEDs offer a long lifetime if used properly. If engineered correctly, these semiconductor devices last beyond 20,000-30,000 hours of operating time unlike traditional UV lamps. Traditional lamps produce light by generating an electric arc inside an ionized gas (typically mercury) chamber to excite atoms, which then decay, emitting photons. Additionally, the European Commission (EC) through its Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) guidelines has continually monitored the rapid progress of UV LED’s capability. Many in the industry predict the EC will begin limiting traditional lamp usage, starting first with smaller systems then working towards larger systems in ensuing years .Combining energy generation of today’s UV LED light sources and the right formulation of UV curable resins, photoinitiators, and additives, it is possible to surpass current process capabilities for a variety of applications. UV LEDs are one small, though important, part of a UV light source, but the rest of the system must also be taken into account when discussing the lifetime. This includes the internal control circuitry plus the cooling system to ensure the LEDs remain within their operating specifications, as well as the housing to protect the LEDs from environmental factors. Yuanming’s patented and proprietary systems use thermal management, sealing techniques, optical enhancements, and control circuitry to maximize performance without sacrificing lifetime. UV LED Technology Benefits   Factors Affecting LED Lifetime Two major factors that affect the lifetime of LEDs are temperature and current. As LEDs convert electricity into light, heat generates within the p-n junction, known as the junction temperature. For a diode to achieve maximum life expectancy, the junction temperature has to remain in a safe operating zone. The UV Power output of a diode increases with input current but decreases with junction temperature. At any fixed input current, the cooler the junction temperature remains, the more UV output the diode will provide.     LED End of Life Characteristics The normal ‘failure mode’ of an LED is gradual degradation of the light output. Many commercial LED lighting systems define failure at 70% of the original operating output, also known as L70. Yuanming lamp sources are designed to ensure an L80 lifetime (80% of original output) of at least 20,000-30,000 hours, but have shown to provide L80 at as much as 40,000 hours. 



UV Lamp For Printers

UV Lamp For Printers UV lamps for printers are essential to the operation of digital printing and converting equipment.for uv lamp for printer They provide an effective way to dry and cure coatings and inks without the use of heat. They are available in different arc lengths and spectral fills to ensure that you get the perfect fit for your specific curing system. Additionally, they do not release volatile organic compounds into the air and are an eco-friendly alternative to curing with heat. A high-quality UV lamp will deliver consistent UV energy for the desired length of time.for uv lamp for printer Depending on the model, it can deliver anywhere from 200 to 450 hours of operations. The UV output will gradually decrease as the lamp approaches its end of life. To avoid damage to your print head, it is important to monitor the UV output and change the bulb as needed. There are many advantages to using a UV curing system, such as speed and consistency of the drying process.for uv lamp for printer In addition, the UV light does not penetrate the substrate and can be used on a variety of materials, such as leather, canvas, wood, glass, and metal. It also does not etch or react with the material, ensuring that it is safe for the customer’s product. GEW offers a variety of LED and mercury systems to suit any application.for uv lamp for printer Whether you need a stand-alone UV laboratory unit or a complete curing solution for a 2.55m wide machine, we can help. Our newest products, AeroLED and LeoLED, are air-cooled to eliminate the need for a chiller while still providing maximum power and UV dose. These innovative LED products will help you reduce your energy usage and emissions while saving on maintenance costs. These products are made of a unique blend of quartz, copper and titanium, and are coated in a special protective film to prevent contamination.for uv lamp for printer They can be re-used and are ozone-free and mercury-free, making them the eco-friendly option for your curing needs. They also require less maintenance than mercury lamps and are safer to handle. UV-Curing Light Bulbs In the world of UV curing, it is important to use a light bulb with the right color spectrum to produce the best results.for uv lamp for printer A bulb with a narrow spectrum will create a more accurate representation of the cured color, while a wider spectrum can cause color shifting and fading. Our UV-curing light bulbs are manufactured in the USA and have a predictable lifespan to provide you with the highest quality and performance for your application.for uv lamp for printer Keep an eye out for warning signs that the bulb is nearing its end of life, such as gloss banding, blown fuses or a burning smell. We recommend dealing directly with the manufacturer to get your replacement UV bulbs rather than risking problems from Far Eastern suppliers. TCS Technologies has been manufacturing UV bulbs for 44 years and is the only one-stop shop for your UV replacement lamps, quartz plates, dichroic reflectors and more. Visit us today for a quote and find the ideal UV light bulb for your business. Tags:405nm uv led module 3d printer | 405 uv led module 3d printer | uv lamp for printer led module



How to Increase the Efficiency of LED UV

How to Increase the Efficiency of LED UV Led uv is a type of printing technology that uses UV rays to create images on a variety of different materials.led uv It is a versatile technique that is perfect for many different applications. In addition to its versatility, led uv is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional printing technologies, LED UV does not produce any heat, making it safe to use in most environments. This makes it a great choice for commercial and industrial settings. LEDs have the potential to replace traditional UV lamps in many applications.led uv They are smaller, more compact, and consume less power. Additionally, they do not require any warm-up time and turn on instantly when switched on. They also do not contain mercury, which can be harmful if released into the environment. As a result, LEDs are a safer alternative to mercury vapor lamps for water purification systems. In addition to their superior safety features, LEDs have a lower operating cost than other UV sources.led uv They also have a longer life span than traditional bulbs. This is important for any business that wants to save money and reduce maintenance costs. LEDs are a great alternative to mercury vapor lamps and are an excellent choice for any UV curing application. Currently, LEDs in the 280 nm +-5 nm wavelength range have a relative wall plug efficiency (WPE) of 4.led uv 1% and an external quantum efficiency (EQE) of around 6.1%. The WPE is a measure of the amount of energy that is converted to light. The EQE is the percentage of the input electrical power that is turned into radiation.led uv The higher the EQE, the more efficient the LED is. However, the EQE of an LED depends on a number of factors including the manufacturing process, device geometry and packaging material. In order to improve the EQE of UV LEDs, a number of strategies have been explored. One method that has been successful is to use a silicon-nitride substrate with p-type and n-type layers.led uv The p-type layer is formed with a high concentration of Al, while the n-type layer is made of SiN. This combination provides an effective band-gap of 3.4 eV and a low Schottky barrier height. Another way to increase the EQE of UV LEDs is to reduce the thermal resistance of the device.led uv This can be achieved by using a thermally conductive epoxy and reducing the contact surface area. It is also possible to use a hemispherical lens on the LED die to eliminate the recombination defect in the p-type layer. In addition, it is important to use a low refractive index packaging material such as PDLC. Tags:405 uv led module 3d printer | 405nm uv led module 3d printer



Custom UV LED Sign

Custom UV LED Sign Custom uv led sign are an excellent way to add a unique touch of personality to your home.custom uv led sign Whether you're looking for a light that illuminates your initials, your nickname, or even your favorite bar sign, these lights can bring an entire room to life with their vibrant glow. They also make a great gift for that special someone in your life! The best part about our custom UV LED Sign is that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match any interior design scheme.custom uv led sign Whether you're decorating your bedroom, kitchen, or even the office, these lights are sure to brighten up your space with their unique glow. There are many ways to create braille signage - laser and rotary engraving, photopolymer, cast metal, or raster Braille (spheres/beads inserted into drilled holes). But these processes take a lot of time and can be expensive, especially for large orders. Using a flatbed UV printer to create braille signage can be fast, cost-effective, and highly effective - especially when you add in-house production capabilities for ADA-compliant signs. One of the most popular applications for UV printing is creating ADA-compliant signage. With direct-to-substrate UV printing, custom UV LED Sign fabricators can easily print second-surface graphics and logos as well as grade 2 braille lettering. This can save a great deal of time over traditional methods of creating ADA signage, such as adding raised pictograms to existing signs. Another reason why UV printing has become a popular option for ADA signage is that it can actually save fabricators money in the long run. Because the printing process occurs directly on the substrate, there is no need to apply additional materials such as a top laminate or glass covering. This reduces overall sign fabrication costs and allows shops to offer their clients a more budget-friendly option. In addition to saving money on materials, UV printing also makes it easier for fabricators to produce ADA signage quickly. Using the direct-to-substrate method, it is possible to create a 6x8 sign with a full ADA-compliant display in less than four minutes. This means that sign fabricators can meet deadlines and keep their clients happy by delivering their services on schedule. These custom UV LED Sign are available in a wide range of designs to complement your space, from quirky cartoons and sophisticated patterns to bold statements and evocative images. Each piece in our UV Collection has a story, a vibe, and a glow that stands out. Whether you're looking to elevate your contemporary home or add an edgy look to your office, these neon signs are the perfect solution to transform any space into a work of art. Tags:uv led module 45w | beads uv led module | quartz uv led chip



Benefits of Using a UV LED Lamp for Printer

Benefits of Using a UV LED Lamp for Printer The global printing industry is worth almost a trillion dollars and growing rapidly.for uv led lamp for printer uv But traditional print equipment based on mercury lamps is losing share to new digital UV LED printers. A key reason for this is the much lower electricity consumption of UV LED systems.for uv led lamp for printer uv Like for like a full-width UV LED array only uses about half as much power to operate as a metal halide lamp at the same output level, with the remainder going to the output control circuitry and cooling fan. And of course LED arrays generate no heat and produce no ozone, so there is also less need for ventilation. It's even possible to use much smaller LED arrays.for uv led lamp for printer uv This makes the total footprint of a machine much smaller and it is becoming common for manufacturers to fit them into their new wide format printers without major modification. For example, Integration Technology Ltd in the UK launched a new range of lamps at FESPA this year that are just a direct replacement for their existing mercury lamp units used on head carriages in wide format printers. As well as consuming significantly less power, LEDs don't heat up the printed substrate or the media so it is possible to use heat-sensitive materials that would be impossible to print with mercury lamps.for uv led lamp for printer uv This opens up many new revenue opportunities for commercial printers and can reduce costs for converters who have to buy expensive heat-resistant film or paper stocks. Another benefit of using LEDs is that the printers do not need to run at high speeds, which helps to keep the power consumption down.for uv led lamp for printer uv And fewer start and stop cycles of the LED lamps increases their service life, which in turn reduces maintenance cost over the lifetime of the machine. Industrial UV LED curing uses water-based inks and adhesives, which are free of solvents and eliminate the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This can greatly reduce environmental impact compared to conventional inks and adhesives. Unlike traditional mercury arc lamps, which operate at full power all the time, LEDs are more efficient at varying output levels and so can be operated at a lower voltage, further reducing energy use. They can be used to cure non-porous surfaces and even 3D objects, with the help of special optical systems that disperse the energy over a larger area. The low operating and maintenance cost of UV LEDs enables printing companies to increase productivity and profitability without having to invest in new machinery. They can also operate in remote locations where access to power is limited or unavailable. And because they don't emit infra red or radiant heat, LEDs are a good choice for use with heat-sensitive materials, such as vinyls and films, that can buckle or warp when exposed to normal mercury arc curing light. Tags:imitation lumen led uv chip



What Are the Basic Terms Used in the Printing Industry?

What Are the Basic Terms Used in the Printing Industry? When most people think of printing, books and newspapers are the first things that come to mind.for printing But there is much more to printing than just these paper products.for printing In fact, the printing industry produces a wide variety of products including brochures and flyers, business cards, letterheads and envelopes, posters and maps. There is even a large amount of printing on packaging and shopping bags, as well as financial instruments such as checks, money orders and stock certificates. Printing is a process for reproducing text and images from a master form or template on to a paper substrate.for printing It is the most common way for information to be reproduced, but it can also be used to create other materials such as plastics, rubber, and glass.for printing One of the most important advances in printing was the development of movable type.for printing This allowed characters to be carved on to wooden, clay or metal blocks which could then be grouped together to produce entire pages of printed text.for printing This allowed for a more efficient and rapid production of publications than had been possible before. The use of a special ink to give printed material a gloss finish.for printing Typically, it is a quick-drying oil-based ink that has low penetration qualities. It is commonly used on coated stocks. A term referring to the ability of a document to be printed at various sizes without losing quality or resolution.for printing The term can also refer to the number of dots per inch (DPI) that a digital image is produced at. A higher DPI usually means a clearer and sharper image. In the printing industry, the process of converting digital files into a form that can be printed on an offset press (plate).for printing The modern variation on this is digital prepress which skips the film stage altogether and allows the images to go directly to the plates, which can reduce time, produces a better image and saves expensive film charges. A type of paper with long grain that runs parallel to the longest edge, which can produce sharper and more evenly printed images than short-grained papers.for printing It is often used for photographs, covers and high-end brochures. The edge of a sheet that is held by grippers on the sheetfed press, and thus goes first through the press.for printing This is also called the feeding edge or leading edge. Using a computer program to impose page numbers or other data onto a layout before printing.for printing It is an efficient way to check for errors and avoid mistakes before going to press. A way to enlarge an image or text so that it is the same size as other text or artwork, thereby eliminating any white borders.for printing This is usually done by using the CTRL + P keyboard shortcut in Windows, or Command + P on macOS, to bring up Reader View. Then click or tap on the printer button in Reader View to begin printing. Apple’s Safari browser also has a built-in Reader View. Tags:for uv led curing | inkjet printing | uv curing systems for printing



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