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Company News About Benefits of Using a UV LED Lamp for Printer
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Benefits of Using a UV LED Lamp for Printer

Latest company news about Benefits of Using a UV LED Lamp for Printer

Benefits of Using a UV LED Lamp for Printer

The global printing industry is worth almost a trillion dollars and growing rapidly.for uv led lamp for printer uv But traditional print equipment based on mercury lamps is losing share to new digital UV LED printers.

A key reason for this is the much lower electricity consumption of UV LED systems.for uv led lamp for printer uv Like for like a full-width UV LED array only uses about half as much power to operate as a metal halide lamp at the same output level, with the remainder going to the output control circuitry and cooling fan. And of course LED arrays generate no heat and produce no ozone, so there is also less need for ventilation.

It's even possible to use much smaller LED arrays.for uv led lamp for printer uv This makes the total footprint of a machine much smaller and it is becoming common for manufacturers to fit them into their new wide format printers without major modification. For example, Integration Technology Ltd in the UK launched a new range of lamps at FESPA this year that are just a direct replacement for their existing mercury lamp units used on head carriages in wide format printers.

As well as consuming significantly less power, LEDs don't heat up the printed substrate or the media so it is possible to use heat-sensitive materials that would be impossible to print with mercury lamps.for uv led lamp for printer uv This opens up many new revenue opportunities for commercial printers and can reduce costs for converters who have to buy expensive heat-resistant film or paper stocks.

Another benefit of using LEDs is that the printers do not need to run at high speeds, which helps to keep the power consumption down.for uv led lamp for printer uv And fewer start and stop cycles of the LED lamps increases their service life, which in turn reduces maintenance cost over the lifetime of the machine.

Industrial UV LED curing uses water-based inks and adhesives, which are free of solvents and eliminate the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This can greatly reduce environmental impact compared to conventional inks and adhesives.

Unlike traditional mercury arc lamps, which operate at full power all the time, LEDs are more efficient at varying output levels and so can be operated at a lower voltage, further reducing energy use. They can be used to cure non-porous surfaces and even 3D objects, with the help of special optical systems that disperse the energy over a larger area.

The low operating and maintenance cost of UV LEDs enables printing companies to increase productivity and profitability without having to invest in new machinery. They can also operate in remote locations where access to power is limited or unavailable. And because they don't emit infra red or radiant heat, LEDs are a good choice for use with heat-sensitive materials, such as vinyls and films, that can buckle or warp when exposed to normal mercury arc curing light.

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