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Company News About High Power UV Curing LED System
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High Power UV Curing LED System

Latest company news about High Power UV Curing LED System

High Power UV Curing LED System


In recent years, UV LED curing systems have become a popular choice for manufacturing production lines.high power uv curing led system This is largely due to the significant process improvements and bottom line business benefits they offer over traditional mercury arc lamps. The technology also provides an eco-conscious alternative to a range of other UV curing methods that produce substantial amounts of heat and consume large quantities of energy.

Compared to conventional UV curing, the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in a high power uv curing led system emit very little heat onto the substrate and have a more narrow spectrum output that is optimized for printing, coating, and adhesive bonding applications. This allows for more precise curing control without the potential damage caused by excessive heat on sensitive materials or parts. In addition, the LEDs are able to reach their full intensity much faster and do not require warm-up time. This flexibility translates into higher productivity and shorter downtime for the printer.

A high-power LED curing system has a number of other advantages over mercury arc UV systems. For example, it requires no mercury bulbs to be replaced, which eliminates the waste generated by mercury disposal and significantly reduces operating costs. Additionally, the LEDs produce minimal ozone, which is a critical factor in an enclosed environment such as a print shop where air exhaust systems are required to maintain air quality. In addition, the LEDs are cool to the touch and can be operated with a minimum of ambient air cooling.

Phoseon's COBRA Cure FX series of LED curing solutions are a cost-effective solution that utilizes high-power LED technology to solve a variety of curing challenges faced by the printing industry. These include low-temperature curing and printing, high-speed curing, and the use of flexible substrates. The series offers a variety of configurations, ensuring that end customers can find a solution to meet their specific application needs.

The power-efficient LED curing systems use a number of specialized circuit boards called modules that are mounted together to form a linear array. Each module contains tens or hundreds of LEDs that are combined to provide the required wavelength output for the specific curing application. The modules are powered by a specialized power supply that enables the cascading of multiple LED modules for larger production widths or for wider coverage areas.

GEW's UV LED technology includes a broad portfolio of products that is designed to work with many different printing applications and market segments, including labels and packaging, industrial inkjet marking/coding, wire and fiber coatings, screen print decorating, wood decoration, and more. The products deliver a robust and consistent LED light output to cure all types of inks, adhesives and coatings. The patented designs focus on ease of integration, optimum performance, maximum lifetime, and safety. The modules are available in a variety of form factors, power levels and wavelengths to match any application requirement. Depending on the LED solution chosen, a wide selection of accessories is also available to maximize the performance and value of the system.


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