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Company News About Talk about UV LED curing
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Talk about UV LED curing

Latest company news about Talk about UV LED curing

UV LED curing

UV LED curing is a type of UV curing. It uses UV LED light source to curing UV inks, UV glue, UV coating, etc.

As we all know, more than 30 years ago, UV (UV light) was successfully promoted to commercial applications. The adhesive producers have developed a series of UV products for adhesion, sealing, printing, and printing in response to UV optical solidification curing, and are widely used in many fields such as communications, electronics, optics, and printing. These products will be solidified or hardened (aggregated) under UV light (a certain wavelength and a certain light intensity), and are more efficient, energy -saving and environmentally friendly with the traditional product -UV optical curing.





Use  life

Compared with the traditional UV curing equipment, the use of mercury lamps is only 800-3000 hours, and the service life of UV LED ultraviolet curing systems is 20,000-30000 hours. The LED method can be lit instantly when the ultraviolet is needed, and when duiy = 1/5 (preparation time = 5 irradiation time = 1), the service life of the LED method is equivalent to 30-40 times the mercury lamp mode. Reduce the time to replace the bulb: improve production efficiency, but also very energy -saving. When the traditional mercury lamp method curing equipment, when the lamp lamp is started slowly, and the opening and closing affects the life of the light bulb, it must be lit all the time, which not only causes unnecessary power consumption, but also shortens the working life of mercury lamps.



Environmental protection and pollution
The traditional mercury lamp method curing machine uses mercury light to light up. There is mercury in the light bulb. The waste processing and transportation are very troublesome. Improper treatment will cause serious pollution to the environment. The LED -type curing machine uses semiconductors to light, and there is no factors that cause pollution to the environment. Therefore, the LED -type curing machine is more environmentally friendly.



Low energy consumption

The UV LED method is more than 10 times more effective than the mercury lamp method.
At the same time, no matter whether the mercury lamp method is effective or not, mercury lamps need to be continuously lit, and the electricity has been consumed. The UV LED method only consumes electricity during irradiation, and the power consumption is almost zero during standby.



Simple installation, saving space

The volume of the LED curing machine is only 1/5 of the traditional curing machine, making the installation of the equipment easier, reducing the area occupation area of the production site.