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Company News About UV Lamp For Printers
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UV Lamp For Printers

Latest company news about UV Lamp For Printers

UV Lamp For Printers

UV lamps for printers are essential to the operation of digital printing and converting equipment.for uv lamp for printer They provide an effective way to dry and cure coatings and inks without the use of heat. They are available in different arc lengths and spectral fills to ensure that you get the perfect fit for your specific curing system. Additionally, they do not release volatile organic compounds into the air and are an eco-friendly alternative to curing with heat.

A high-quality UV lamp will deliver consistent UV energy for the desired length of time.for uv lamp for printer Depending on the model, it can deliver anywhere from 200 to 450 hours of operations. The UV output will gradually decrease as the lamp approaches its end of life. To avoid damage to your print head, it is important to monitor the UV output and change the bulb as needed.

There are many advantages to using a UV curing system, such as speed and consistency of the drying process.for uv lamp for printer In addition, the UV light does not penetrate the substrate and can be used on a variety of materials, such as leather, canvas, wood, glass, and metal. It also does not etch or react with the material, ensuring that it is safe for the customer’s product.

GEW offers a variety of LED and mercury systems to suit any application.for uv lamp for printer Whether you need a stand-alone UV laboratory unit or a complete curing solution for a 2.55m wide machine, we can help. Our newest products, AeroLED and LeoLED, are air-cooled to eliminate the need for a chiller while still providing maximum power and UV dose. These innovative LED products will help you reduce your energy usage and emissions while saving on maintenance costs.

These products are made of a unique blend of quartz, copper and titanium, and are coated in a special protective film to prevent contamination.for uv lamp for printer They can be re-used and are ozone-free and mercury-free, making them the eco-friendly option for your curing needs. They also require less maintenance than mercury lamps and are safer to handle.

UV-Curing Light Bulbs

In the world of UV curing, it is important to use a light bulb with the right color spectrum to produce the best results.for uv lamp for printer A bulb with a narrow spectrum will create a more accurate representation of the cured color, while a wider spectrum can cause color shifting and fading.

Our UV-curing light bulbs are manufactured in the USA and have a predictable lifespan to provide you with the highest quality and performance for your application.for uv lamp for printer Keep an eye out for warning signs that the bulb is nearing its end of life, such as gloss banding, blown fuses or a burning smell. We recommend dealing directly with the manufacturer to get your replacement UV bulbs rather than risking problems from Far Eastern suppliers. TCS Technologies has been manufacturing UV bulbs for 44 years and is the only one-stop shop for your UV replacement lamps, quartz plates, dichroic reflectors and more. Visit us today for a quote and find the ideal UV light bulb for your business.

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