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Company News About UV LED curing features and advantages
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UV LED curing features and advantages

Latest company news about UV LED curing features and advantages

Company Profile:

Shenzhen Yuanming Technology Co., Ltd. Specializes in the production and operation of high-power UV LEDs, Ultra violet curing light source products. The production of high-power UV LED ultra violet encapsulated products have hundreds of category. The power of products range from 0.5W to 10000W. The UV LED ultraviolet encapsulated products manufactured by Shenzhen Yuanming Science and Technology Co., Ltd. have various applications, including printing presses, 3D printing, transfer Printers, Screen Printers, Offset Printers, Coating Machines, Exposure Machines, UV LED Linght Sources, Spray Painting, Coating, Leather curing, Glass, Metal, Furniture, PCB Ink light-curing, as well as in agrciultural planting, fishery, crime investigation, medical, biological, cosmetic and water treatment. Food and other kinds of disinfection and sterilization.

Since it’s establishment, relying on strong technical resources, specialized management and perfect supply and marketing channels, adhering to the business philosophy of "pursuing mutual development with customers" and the service tenet of "quality wins customers, honesty wins markets", the company has provided high-quality and efficient UV LED ultraviolet products, application service solution and technical support for customers, thus becoming trusted partners of customers with real value and trust.

Shenzhen yuanming co., ltd. sincerely looks forward to your joining in the trading of high-power UV LED ultraviolet light products. Welcome to our company to negotiate business and looking forward to mutual growth and devlopment!


Ultraviolet (UV LED) curing principle:

UV light curing system is divided into free radical system and cationic system, and the curing mechanism of different systems is different. Free radicals are mainly generated by light irradiation, which initiates polymerization and crosslinking reaction of monomers and prepolymers to achieve the effect of curing. The cationic system is a process in which the cationic photoinitiator is irradiated to generate a strong protic acid, and addition polymerization occurs to make the resin achieve a curing process.


Characteristics and uses of UV LED products:

Widely used in banknote checking , UV detection , manicure , medical treatment , printing , adhesive curing , ink curing , Paint curing , etc . Large area curing , inkjet printing, curing outer coatings of wires and optical fibers , Material Irradiation Catalysis , Biological Experiments and Touch Screen Curing.


Advantages of UV LED Light Source :

1. Uniform , stable , strong illumination , shorten the curing time of products , improve production eficiency .

2. Low thermal radiation , especially suitable for liquid crystal display edge sealing , plastic substrate curing . Thin material printing , medical devices require a small heating area occasionally .

3. Low energy consumption ,10% power consumption of traditional mercury lamp curing machine , can save 90% of the electricity .

4. Reliable , the life of LED can reach more than 20000 hours , reducing the cost of consumption .

5.According to the actual application of customers , the shape and size of the luminous region of the UVLED can be customized according to the needs.

6. Ultraviolet LED light source does not need preheating and does not contain toxic mercury . Secondly , the power dissipation of the UVLED is much lower compared to traditional high - pressure mercury lamps. It takes hundreds even thousands of watts more for mercury lamps to produce the same effects and it needs to be preheated for about ten minutes . The lamp tube of mercury lamps also contains toxic substance "mercury". UV LEDs are safer and more environmental friendly choice over traditional technologies.