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Company News About What Are the Basic Terms Used in the Printing Industry?
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What Are the Basic Terms Used in the Printing Industry?

Latest company news about What Are the Basic Terms Used in the Printing Industry?

What Are the Basic Terms Used in the Printing Industry?

When most people think of printing, books and newspapers are the first things that come to mind.for printing But there is much more to printing than just these paper products.for printing In fact, the printing industry produces a wide variety of products including brochures and flyers, business cards, letterheads and envelopes, posters and maps. There is even a large amount of printing on packaging and shopping bags, as well as financial instruments such as checks, money orders and stock certificates.

Printing is a process for reproducing text and images from a master form or template on to a paper substrate.for printing It is the most common way for information to be reproduced, but it can also be used to create other materials such as plastics, rubber, and glass.for printing

One of the most important advances in printing was the development of movable type.for printing This allowed characters to be carved on to wooden, clay or metal blocks which could then be grouped together to produce entire pages of printed text.for printing This allowed for a more efficient and rapid production of publications than had been possible before.

The use of a special ink to give printed material a gloss finish.for printing Typically, it is a quick-drying oil-based ink that has low penetration qualities. It is commonly used on coated stocks.

A term referring to the ability of a document to be printed at various sizes without losing quality or resolution.for printing The term can also refer to the number of dots per inch (DPI) that a digital image is produced at. A higher DPI usually means a clearer and sharper image.

In the printing industry, the process of converting digital files into a form that can be printed on an offset press (plate).for printing The modern variation on this is digital prepress which skips the film stage altogether and allows the images to go directly to the plates, which can reduce time, produces a better image and saves expensive film charges.

A type of paper with long grain that runs parallel to the longest edge, which can produce sharper and more evenly printed images than short-grained papers.for printing It is often used for photographs, covers and high-end brochures.

The edge of a sheet that is held by grippers on the sheetfed press, and thus goes first through the press.for printing This is also called the feeding edge or leading edge.

Using a computer program to impose page numbers or other data onto a layout before printing.for printing It is an efficient way to check for errors and avoid mistakes before going to press.

A way to enlarge an image or text so that it is the same size as other text or artwork, thereby eliminating any white borders.for printing This is usually done by using the CTRL + P keyboard shortcut in Windows, or Command + P on macOS, to bring up Reader View. Then click or tap on the printer button in Reader View to begin printing. Apple’s Safari browser also has a built-in Reader View.

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