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Company News About What is UV LED light curing system?
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What is UV LED light curing system?

Latest company news about What is UV LED light curing system?

What is UV LED light curing system?

What are the characteristics of UV light curing?

In recent years, UV LED light curing technology has received close attention from the world, and many industrial production fields are gradually choosing UV LED light sources to replace traditional UV mercury lights. The UV LED light curing technology is environmental friendly that realizes the concept of environmental sustainability through use of light emitting diodes. Compared with the traditional UV mercury lamps, it has more higher efficiency and low energy consumption. Following are a few features of UV LED light curing:


1. The characteristics of the UV LED light source are that it belongs to a single-band ultraviolet light, with high luminous efficiency and low energy consumption. The UV LED light source can convert electrical energy into light energy through the led chip, and can emit a single-band ultraviolet light source. 365/385/395/405nm these bands. Compared with the traditional UV mercury lamp, only a small part of the full-band ultraviolet light emitted can actually exert energy efficiency. At the same time, the mercury lamp will generate a large amount of heat energy when it is in use, resulting in a large amount of energy consumption to a large extent;


2. UV LED light curing belongs to a kind of "cold light source", which does not generate infrared band and emits a lot of thermal energy, thereby causing thermal damage to the surface of the substrate. Like some ink printing fields, chip processing, liquid crystal display packaging and other fields, UV LED light sources are basically used for product processing;


3. The UV LED light curing system adopts a unique control panel, which can be used immediately when the power is turned on. It does not need to be preheated in advance like the traditional mercury lamp curing, and there is no need to worry about the regular replacement of consumables due to the life of the lamp like the mercury lamp. . UV LED light curing can instantly light up the lamp beads, and the power (10-100%) can be adjusted at will, which not only saves energy, but also is easy to operate!


4. The maintenance cost of UV LED light source is low. Usually, the use time of a UV LED curing machine is about 25000h, which is 5-8 times that of traditional UV mercury lamp. Due to the life of the lamp beads, almost no maintenance is required, which effectively reduces the cost of equipment maintenance;


5. The UV LED light curing system is mainly divided into UV LED spotlights, UV LED line light source, UV LED surface light source, UV LED curing lamps, UV LED water cooled machine, etc. according to its use environment, and the luminous size and irradiation can be customized according to the actual working conditions Area, the irradiation position is matched with the equipment, no large-scale machinery and pipeline installation are required, it can be adapted to work in a variety of environments, and the work efficiency of the assembly line is improved.


6. As a manufacturer of UV LED curing machines, Yuanming Technology provides a complete set of curing solutions for UV curing problems in various industries. We can provide a variety of conventional models to choose from, and can also customize according to the actual use of customers. Use standard products. If you have any questions about UV LED curing, you can contact Yuanming Technology for consultation and communication. Yuanming Technology will serve you wholeheartedly.


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